Help with Household

This service assists participants to maintain their general area of living. Participants may be responsible for cleaning, gardening, basic indoor & outdoor home maintenance, laundry or linen and also meal preparation.

Travel &

This service allows us to safety transport participants to and from destinations.

Work &

This service allows us to assist participants to obtain and retain employment and employment opportunities.

Personal Care

This service assists participants to ensure their personal care and hygiene is always upheld. Participants may be required to complete personal care tasks such as showering, toileting, changing etc, this is done in the participants home.

Nursing Care

This service provides community nursing supports to participants who require higher levels of care and assistance. We will be assisting with bowel care, wound care, catheter care, tracheostomy management, ventilation support, subcutaneous injections, PEG and NG Tube feeding and the administration of medication. Usually involving advanced care or training supplied by an EN or RN.

Assistance with Equipment

This service allows us to provide equipment to participants that specifically assists them to communicate efficiently in aims to reach their full potential. Equipment directly aims to assist a participant to communicate, retain information, gain information, complete daily tasks and maintain independence.